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It’s been an extremely interesting week with many peaks and valleys. God has blessed me with many different experiences which have taught me about the culture and about myself (and calling). I can feel your prayers and i most certainly need them, especially for safety, wisdom and discernment. I miss my family and friends, but I do feel like I am suppose to be here (still don’t exactly know why). Here  is a summary of my experiences:


  • Sunday, I preached for the very first time on the island-at Jonesville Methodist. Wow, that was an unique experience. Jonesville, named after Mr. Jones (who I met -96 years old?). The people living there are descendants of England and Scotland. They have a very unique island accent.
  • The order of worship is like a book or pamplet with numerous scripture reading (King James), songs from British hymnal which have no music, just words, Communion, long written prayers and response. Joe told me to see if some of the congregation would do some of the reading. Nope, they said they wanted d me to do all of them. Joe said that Jonesville will cut out some of the order, so it isn’t so long. Nope, they said they wanted me to do ALL  OF IT! Joe said they may not be doing communion. Nope, they said they wanted communion too! I have never read so much in one service. I had to preach, do all of the order of worship, lead the singing (no way), offering and then communion. It was wild-only two people out of the 12 attending fell asleep.
  • Jonesville Methodist is located right on the ocean (literally). It was Pentacost Sunday-so the wind and waves blowing right outside the church windows was a prefect object lesson for preaching on Holy Spirit. Then they invited me to lunch at Mr. Jones house (right  on the water). It reminded me of Grandmother Kent’s house they way it was constructed. Linda and Laura (mr. Jones daughter’s sat and talked with me until around 2:30pm when they took me back to Coxen Hole where Joe and the mission team were setting up for the clinic (on Monday). It was a long day!!!
  • On the way back from Jonesville, which is way down on the isolated end of the island, Laura stopped and picked up a hitchhiker (got in back of truck. This is common practice-picking people up on side of road-she said laughingly-“the Holy Spirit told me to pick him up.” keep praying for safety (smiling)

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