Hitting Potholes in the Road of Faith!

This past week I have had many good moments along with several difficult moments . Overall, I am enjoying experiencing a different world. Actually, most of the tough experiences so far, had to do with working with the U.S. mission team. I am in a supervisiory position-so that means, of course, I sometimes have to be the bad guy or escape goat. Last wed-was a hard day for me. One of the team members was disrespecting my authority right in front of everyone. The issue was in regard to a safety issue related to children. You know I am know for being wild and crazy, but I am ALWAYS thinking about safety.   I went home that day very down and frustrated. i knew I had made the right decision even if no one else did. My sadness came from the total disrespect the team member had for my position. To add to the misery, from that point on,  the mission  team acted different-coldness had settled in for the rest of the week. To be honest, I was glad when they got on the plane for home. They didn’t get the big picture-maybe, some day they will.

Sometimes, I wonder what is the point of me being here? I mostly surrounded by  negative energy and/or “it’s all about me” attitudes. I’ve been told by Joe and others that nothing can be changed especially when I am here only two months. So, I ask God-why did you send me here? Don’t get me wrong-I have been able to experience things people never get to do or see. I am very grateful for this opportunity to step out in Faith and serve God. I already have many God stories to share.  Maybe, i’m trying to hard to figure out God’s plan. I know my biggest challenge- not allowing discouragement to take hold of me.

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  1. Don’t let the negative bring you down or question yourself. You were meant to be in Roatan and with the Roatan children. Eevrything you do for them brings a smile to God’s face 🙂 Love you mom!! MISS YOU

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