Living the Culture-Burdened to Reach Brokenhearted

There is much to say about what God is teaching me. As I figured, this journey to serve God has become a journey of deep personal reflection and growth. I have included some of my experiences and thoughts below. Please note that my comments about the people and ministry of Roatan are not meant as put downs, more like observations of potential growth. Family Unit-this post does have additional comments from email I sent out last night.

  • I miss everyone-it’s definitively a challenge being gone from everything that is familiar to you.
  • I went to church at Flowers Bay yesterday-Preacher didn’t know he was scheduled to preach-he rambled FOREVER about  being on dialysis-it was painful. It’s not uncommon for a preacher to be a “no show” or show up late.
  • The church (Flowers Bay next to my condo) made me come up to front so they could sing”the welcome song” to me.
  • They have Sunday School at 3pm and everyone meets together in Sanctuary. Again, it was a painful hour and a half and they made me get up front so they could sing the welcome song to me.
  • I met with the youth leaders of the intimidating group yesterday to try and get them on board (they were late to both youth meeting and came in with an attitude). Long story-but I think my meeting with them (Jelanie and Jimmy) went pretty good. We meet on Thursday night and Joe has handed the YOUTH over to me (he is not even coming to help and I am the only adult). There are 20 kids. I think I told you-they have a very unusual practice-the kids vote people into the group and they vote people out of the group for being “bad.” I told them I will never call anybody “bad,” instead i chose to say, “good people who make bad choices.” One new kid showed up and wanted to join the group. he had to come up front to be introduced and then he was told to go to the back of the room so the kids could vote on whether he could join. Thank goodness, they voted Nerry into the group. Oh brother-this is a CHALLENGE!!! I’ve never heard of a youth group that had the power to ban another kid from group. I told them I was uncomfortable with the rule (mentioned -not Biblical)-but I let it stand for now (this little voice (HS) kept saying to me-move slow, learn the culture).-WHAT AM I DOING WORKING WITH YOUTH GOD!!!
  • Today-I am meeting again with other youth group (Sandy Bay), so they can show me the library at Sandy Bay and take me around their neighborhood(go to their homes). It’s a poorer section of town and it has the church that’s about to fall off hill (No bathroom). This group is smaller and much easier to get work with-but still it’s been a challenged. I initiated this visit today and I think it’s means a lot to them because they asked me at least three times if i would remember to come. WHAT AM I DOING WITH TEENAGERS GOD!
  • Yesterday was my off day so I made a solo trip to Gumbalimba Park. I took the cab from Flowers Bay to West Bay (Park). Then after going through Park-walked to West Bay, eat lunch and then I took taxi back. I was so proud-I made it all by myself and I’m still alive to talk about it. On the cab ride to park-he hit a rock and it felt like something broke off the underside of car. He stopped-said it was the brakes!!! There was another lady in car with me who spoke english, so she was telling me what was going on. Then the driver jumped back in -said it was ok-just a rock. That’s when i started my super praying. Turns out -we made it, but overhere you never know when to expect an adventure.
  • I love everyone very much-check out my pictures on the iguana park (in honor of Mal and Fuffy). I’ve never seen so many creatures!!!!
  • No team this week, so I won’t be on a structured schedule!
Overall, I sense the people have forgotten that Jesus is the GOOD NEWS! There seems to be more focus on what they shouldn’t do or haven’t done, instead of all that God can do!!!
Please overlook my grammar and spelling-treat my blog like a text. Many times, I am very tired, but i want to communicate what God is doing. Please write as often as you can-the emails and replies help me more than you know.
My throat has been bothering me for a day or two. Last night, it got worse on the left side, and this morning I feel poorly. No worries though, I started on my antibiotic so that should knock it out.

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  1. Keep your guard up when traveling on the Island……..better safe than sorry when it comes to your Safety. What are you eating everyday……..for breakfast, lunch, dinner??? And where?? Have you seen any “nasty” weather yet?? I believe Hurrican Season started this week…….you need to formulate a plan with Joe “NOW” in case there is an evacution (or take-shelter) in the future??…..where to go, what to take with you?? I assume the Cruise Ships are rambling in weekly?? Keep the photos coming…….a picture is worth 978.3 words now………(instead of 1000 words). 🙂

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