May Pole Dance at Sandy Bay

Yesterday, I again went solo to Sandy Bay to join up with a couple of Sandy Bay youth who wanted to show me the library (Sand Castle Learning Center. When I was at airport to welcome the last mission team, I met Patty, an american, who runs the Sand Castle. She invited me to come for a visit, so I got the youth to meet me at the beach and give me a tour of their neighborhood and the library. It was a very interesting trip, but it was hot, hot, hot!!! Sandy Bay is on the other side of the island from Flowers Bay and it doesn’t get the nice breeze. Needless to say, I had my first overheated , dehydration spell. Patty said I looked dehydrated and gave me some water. The only problem-it was water from the tap-not bottled water. It happened so fast, i didn’t think about the water source until afterwards. Someone is looking over me, because I didn’t get sick this time!!!

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  1. Make sure you where a hat outdoors, to shade your face?? Weather looks great there………along with all the colorful “creatures”…………….put a black patch over one eye and you could be a Carribbean Pirate (with the bird on your shoulder)!!!!!!! Don’t let your gurad down with the cabbies………

    Tell us about the next TEAM coming in………..who, when, what doing, etc???

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