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Good Morning Team Boulware!

I haven’t posted much lately, but I’m back in (holy) business today! I think I probably “hit the wall” so to speak in my “65 Days-A Step of Faith” journey last week. It was a tough couple of days. I went solo on leading the Flowers Bay youth group last Thursday night-20 plus youth ages 10-20 years old. Initially, I described the evening as a nightmare-but after talking to  some of the youth this week, it went better than I realized. Then, I went solo with the Sandy Bay youth group on Saturday- another ministry nightmare experience! Since last Thurday, I have been left shaking my head in disbelief! Reality – I am finding the concept of  “learning and adapting to the culture”  in Roatan to be much harder to grasp than I ever anticipated.  Participating in a VBS or youth event on a mission trip is totally different from living in the community and leading the weekly youth gatherings. EVERY METHOD I ONCE USED SUCCESSFULLY IS NOW ON THE TABLE FOR POSSIBLE REVISION OR ADAPTATION!

UP is down, wrong is right! I will give you another example. I was put on the preaching circuit for last Sunday-to preach at Camp Bay. Camp Bay is on the east end of the island-I describe it as journeying “to the ends of the earth.” I was looking forward to sharing the Good News! One problem-Joe told the D.S. I would need someone to drive me to the church. It would be unsafe and costly to take a cab-about $25 one way. It’s a LONG way to Camp Bay!! The D.S. said he would provide transportation. Joe said, “it will never happen,” but  I needed to prepare a sermon (if by chance they made the proper arrangements). Apparently, the habit of getting non-paid preachers to pay their way to the farthest church location was frequent and Joe was not going to let the church powers-to-be take advantage of me! I would of gladly paid the money, but then I would be adding fuel to an already blazing fire of  dysfunction. The end result -the Camp Bay congregation (innocent victims) were left without a preacher, and I was left with an undelivered sermon. That’s ministry life on the island! I am truly learning a new depth to “TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT INTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING…”

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  1. Hey Leisha… I contacted Mark today on other matters (motorcycles) and he told me about your mission venture (adventure?). All I can say is wow and you go girl!! Sounds like from your blog that there are more than a few trials and tribulations associated with mission work. It is a wonderful calling and I offer you my encouragement and prayers that God’s plan will be flawlessly executed even when it seems otherwise. Take care and may God’s love be with you.

    • Thanks Steve, for taking the time to write these encouraging words! Yes, sometimes it’s hard, but there is peace knowing you are doing God’s will. Things are looking up this week!

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