Good Evening Family & Friends!

I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel with Gregory, His mother and his aunt to Tegucigalpa for an appointment with U.S.Embassy.  The adventure that starts in morning  could possibly be a life changing event for Gregory (who will get his leg fixed at Emory and be adopted into a two doctor, 5 kid family) and for all the people who know and love him. Please pray at an intense high alert level for  travel and for positive results (that the US officials will grant Gregory a visa). This is the second attempt involving getting Gregory a visa.  Last year, he got his passport, but was denied a visa.Each try takes and enormous amount of documentation and fees. Also, pray that Gregory’s mother (has major issues) will remain cooperative and calm .

So, here is my vague travel schedule:


Joe picks us up at 6 am in morning-Take Ferry to La Ceiba

Then take a bus to Tegucigalpa (9 hour? ride)-Find a hotel-yes, I asked, no one knew where we were staying


Take cab to Embassy-appt is a 9pm ( if it’s like everything else around here, we maybe in for a long wait)

Depending  on how long we spend at embassy, we will travel back to La Ceiba via bus or spend another night in the city.

I love you and thank you again for your love and support!!! Really, I think about my supporters everyday!