In Honor of Jessica and John David Crowe-Warriors of the Faith

Noah's Memorial Service Is Today.


I ask that whoever reads this will take a moment of prayer for the family of Noah Crowe, a four year old  brave disciple who went to be with his Heavenly Father last week. WE CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE TODAY NOAH!! I took this sunrise Noah boat picture this morning.

In the journal that my daughters made for  my missionary journey, they tell me to: “smile to 10 people today and give a hug to someone special’. As we celebrate Pentacost Sunday and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we know that the Spirit is everywhere. Whether in Alabama or Roatan, God is present. So, this morning, I send via the Holy Spirit, a special hug to Jessica and John David. There are no words I can say that could possibly ease the pain you are feeling. Just know that God keeps putting you on my heart. I have never met you Jessica and only briefly with John David. But you have touched my heart and inspired me to be strong and faithful, even when nothing makes any sense at all!





  • Opened my front door this morning, felt something land on my shoulder-it was Mr. Lizard. Needless to say, I was not happy at all-scared me to death. I have several lizard friends in my condo. Starting around 5pm (we are 1 hour behind Birmingham time), they begin making this noise-sounds like a monkey!!! It took me a couple of days to figure out it was a little lizard making a big time noise. Guess it’s like frogs at home.
  • Joe gave me my first challenge-take team phones and two internet sticks into Ciaro store to get minutes. He made me go do this by myself. I think he was hoping I would have to struggle through the test, but I didn’t have any trouble at all! Then I went and bought me some cheap flip flops and tennis shoes.
  • It is very different being here on my own. It forces me to do things I probably wouldn’t have to do under the umbrella of a mission team. Additionally, I am living in Flowers Bay by myself. The mission team will be staying at hotel near West End. Joe lives near Sandy Bay. So after he drops me off at my condo, I am completely on my own. I wouldn’t say the people here at Flowers Bay are unfriendly, but I have had to make all of first moves. Joe said they are still checking me out-I sense their guarded behavior. It’s a whole different ball game when you are seen as living in a community, not just visiting for a week.
  • I believe it really hit me today-whatever God has planned for me here-it’s probably not going to happen fast and it will be harder then I could ever imagine! I had my first small home sick spell-watched Sweet Home Alabama on computer. That just made it worst-had to turn it off. It had a dog on it that had died-all i could think of then was my sweet Lucy boxer girl being sick.
  • I went swimming today, a first! I have been down to the beach everyday collecting sea glass and stuff, but today was my maiden swim. The beach is not too clean, but once you get out from the shore-it’s not too bad. Yes, am getting a tan-yes, I am wearing sun screen.






More Reflections!

Things are going pretty good. It’s been a week of adapting to living in a community in a third world country. I am safe to walk within the community during the day-they are looking after me. It’s like being in a fishbowl-I know all these eyes are watching everything I do or don’t do. As far as safety, it’s great, but I’m not use to having a whole community of nosey neighbors. The ocean is beautiful, but there is trash all along the shore which is very disheartening. I have been walking around meeting people slowly. there is only one tiny store about the size of my kitchen(smaller than kitchen, bigger than laundry room) that i can walk to get a coke or chips.
So far, the hardest thing has been not having any transportation. I can get a cab down the rode, but Joe has to train me on how to do it. The cab drivers are basically described as thugs who try to rip off american. A little white girl like me is a prime target. I will start my cab training next week when I have to get to the church for the mission team. Eventually, Joe says i should feel confident in taking cabs just about anywhere I want or need to go. But for now, I am basically living like most of the people here in Flowers Bay. Of course, I do get out more because Joe has been taking me all over to get ready for the team that is coming in Saturday.

Reflections On My First Week

So much to say-so I will put in concise, bullet form:

  • Email from vet about my sweet Lucy makes me want to cry this morning.
  • Everything great here!
  • I Love You-all the way around the world and back!
  • Mal and Linds-I love the pics from journey-yesterday-angelic Holly, today-angelic Linds from wedding (actually me and Linds).
  • Yesterday-met kids at feeding kitchen-youth group last night (from Flowers Bay-the rougher group)
  • What in the world am i doing working with youth!
  • I’ve been driving some due to necessity (Joe’s truck had to go to shop-we lost our brakes-busted brakeline!!!!!)-so far, so good!
  • Last night, I found out why people kept walking by my condo going to deserted end of island late at night. i thought they were doing bad stuff-turns out-catching blue crabs to eat-had a whole bucket of blue crabs-neat!!!
  • Going grocery shopping today for myself (once a week). I ate a whole pineapple this week.
  • Joe has a mysterious challenge for me today???

I will leave you with this:

If God is going to do something wonderful, he starts with a problem. If God is going to do something spectacular, he starts with an impossibility.

In Memory of Noah Crowe

Good Morning from Roatan,

My heart was saddened to hear 4 year old Noah Crowe lost his brave battle with brain cancer last Friday. Noah was the son of Jessica and John David Crowe, the youth ministers at Riverchase United Methodist . I choose this picture in his honor and memory. When I first saw this partial boat sitting with an incredible ocean backdrop in February, I thought, what a great object lesson for reacting the story of Noah. Well, I ended up living right across the street from this boat(Flower Bay).

Maybe, we will do that reenactment for Noah Crowe. Please be in prayer for his parents -the funeral/memorial service will be this Saturday. If you would like more information go to


Hey Friends and Family!

Well, I’m here!!!! Can you believe it! I made it! My  Saturday travel day was uneventful(YES!) and I am getting settled into my new home in Flowers Bay. I’m sorta embarrassed to show you pics of my apartment-it is very nice. It is definitely not the picture that comes to mind when you think missionary-third world country. But I’m not complaining. God blessed and surprised me with a comfortable place to rest so I can fully give myself to ministry.

I am living with the people, not sheltered like a mission team member. For example, yesterday I went to the other end of the island for an Aldersgate Sunday celebration at the Methodist church in Camp Bay (see pic-view from church). Joe, my missionary boss, picked me up at 7:30 am for church and I got home from church around 4pm? After sitting in church all day without one drop of food or water (it was hot), lunch was served at 1:45pm. When I say lunch, it was a very nice meal of rice/shrimp, potato salad, and something I had never seen before???. Only problem-it wasn’t a meal cooked with specific precautions for American tum tums. Add to that-the flies! Those rascals were landing  quicker then I could fan them off. Hold on-there’s more! After eating lunch, it was back into the truck (backseat with two other people and lots of stuff) for a hour plus obstacle  drive (more like a race-the driver was flying) back to Flowers Bay. As many of you know, I have a tendency to get car sick. Well, that’s what happen. But let me say, it was one of the roughest car rides I have ever experienced. There I was, holding my tasty fly infested lunch leftovers in one hand and a cup of orange soda in the other hand. When we hit the bumps, the soda was splashing all over me.  By the time I got back to my apartment, I was green.  Joe says it may take a week or so before my stomach gets adjusted to authentic Honduran meals. No pampering for me-it’s the real deal. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I loved yesterday.


Family and Friends!

Well, the “For such a time as this” is here for me! I will be getting on a plane tomorrow morning to head to my new home for the next 2 months. I really can’t believe it! I have a swirling mixture of emotions right now. I have been buzzing around for the last couple of months trying to complete  the massive amount of requirements needed to live internationally in a third world country .

One BIG change that happen today was related to this blog site. I decided after some frustration. to make two major upgrades, so hopefully we can communicate better. I upgraded my site to a paid site and I also purchased my own domain. With the paid site, I have more options, can show more pictures and lots of widgets I can dive into later. My old blog was way to long and hard to remember. My new domain is No worries, if you use either site address you will end up on my blog site. I don’t think it matters if you use caps or not on the address-but don’t hold me to it! This blog stuff is all new to me, but I’ve always desired to have on-going communication with the people back home. I will try not to be too boring-just mention God blessings, as well as, prayer concerns.

The number one reason for setting up a blog was to concretely show you how much I appreciate your love and support. Additionally, I wanted my y sponsors and prayer warriors to journey with me on the unique ministry opportunity. Having said that, I cannot promise that any of this will work when I land in Roatan. Any of you who have gone on a mission experience know-never depend or expect-just go with the flow(Holy Spirit). Thank you for believing in me. I will give it my best!!!