Here are a few more (too many to write all ) highlights of week #2:

  • One more thing about Jonesville-they are considered middle to upper class on island. Most of the men work and live on fishing ships 8 months of the year. I met Hal-catches lobster on ship. i asked him if it was like the show ” Deadly or Deadliest  Catch”. He said it was except they stay in Carribean waters (no cold issue) Interestly, hal said he loves to watch the show. THAT ‘S FOR YOU DEAR!!!!!
  • Worked with mission team all week at Ebernezer Methodist located at Coxen Hole (where cruise ships dock, also highest populated and highest crime area).
  • They held a medical, dental, eye glasses and VBS all week. They brought a Doctor, Dentist and a bunch of nurses with them. The people at the church were very friendly and fed us wonderful meals everyday.
  •  Ebernezer is the only church on island with air conditioning, but we only ran it on the medical/dental part of clinic. i was mainly in the registration, and reading eye glass making area which was not air conditioned. The first day, my shirt was soaked and you know that it’s hot for me to sweat that much!
  • I learned how to make eye glasses-that was neat!
  • The week was a great experience overall, but I did have some hard moment corralling the team. I was like the project manager-Joe stayed with the construction team at Wesley. That’s a difficult task-working with a different culture and several AA’s -Americans with an Attitude!
  • Going to iguana park today-THAT”S FOR YOU FUFFY! I may go horseback riding this afternoon-a non tourist ride. I met Jacob at the church -I will tell you about him later. he works on the glass bottom boat in West End (going to do that Sat).  I wanted to ride a horse with freedom, not a tourist gig. Jacob knew someone who had horses, so he is setting it up.
  • Last night, I was given full reign over the Flowers Bay youth group (the tough group). They are very intimidating!-I will totally need God’s help with this group. For example-they vote peoople in or out of the group. Quote-“If someone is bad, we vote them out and they can no longer be a part of group. I don’t like that concept at all, but I’m not sure what to do about it yet. I have to move carefully with this group.
  •  The Sandy Bay youth group and I are bonding well-we will meet tomorrow morning. WHAT AM I DOING GOD WORKING WITH YOUTH!!!!!! I ask that and many other questions to God!

4 thoughts on “MORE REFLECTIONS

  1. Very interesting…………and sounds tiring. Watch your guard (concerning the crime)……..don’t let the “tough group” get you down………stick to your guns + beliefs and persuade them to trust and follow your lead!! What do they have to lose?? You all sweaty??? I don’t believe it……….!! What kinds of foods are they feeding you………I’m sure it’s not burgers and steaks………..lots of rice??……..and/or maybe flour-products?? When are you renting a scooter………or is that too dangerous (being out alone = crime)???? Pics please of this weekend’s activities…………
    Lucey sends you “llicks”………..Abbey sends you her bad breath……….the Jeep is “resting peacefully” in it’s dark cave……….and I send you my love.

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